Standing Committees

The Association has established the following standing committees responsible for overseeing and advising on key operations.

Nominating Committee

Canvasses membership to identify suitable candidates to serve in various roles in support of the Association.

Members:  Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Tim Brown, Jeff Andresen and Hope Mizzell

Awards Committee

Reviews submissions for AASC's Annual Dissertation Award Program and makes recommendation to the Executive Committee on the winning submission.

Members:  Glen Conner, Michael Brewer and Steven Quiring

Information Technology Committee

Provides technical direction and service on all aspects of IT used to support the Association.  These include the AASC website, social media platforms, listserv and other capabilities.

Members:  Ashley Hiatt, Daniel Leathers, Adnan Akyuz, Aaron Sims, Nancy Selover, Nina Oakley, Louis Vasquez, John McGuire and Ryan Boyles

Membership Committee

Reviews Association membership structure and explores and advises on opportunities to provide value for all members.

Members:  Laura Edwards (Chair), Ryan Boyles, Melissa Griffin, Mike Timlin, Monica Deming Stephanie McAfee and John Nielsen-Gammon

Policy Committee

Advises Association on official policy and informational statements.

Members:  John Nielsen-Gammon (Chair), Hope Mizzell, John Christy, Xiaomo Lin, Dev Niyogi and Rezaul Mahmood

Value Proposition Committee

Explores and advises on initiatives to ensure the Association provides value to its members as well as the general public in accordance with the Association mission statement.

Members:  Mark Shafer (Chair), Ryan Boyles, Nolan Doesken, Kathie Dello, Kevin Brinson, Dev Niyogi and Mary Stampone

AASC Recognized State Climate Office (ARSCO) Committee

Reviews and provides advice on the ARSCO program.

Members:  Mike Anderson (Chair), Tami Houston, Dave Robinson, Mark Shafer, Stephanie McAffee, Karin Bumbaco, Nolan Doesken and Tony Bergantino

Mesonet Committee

Provides support for the development and independent operation of AASC-affiliated Mesonets.  Defines standards and identifies best practices for Mesonet operation.

Members: TBD

Executive Director Responsibilities Committee

Provides advice to help define Executive Director’s duties and responsibilities.

Members:  David Robinson (Chair), Hope Mizzell, Nancy Selover, Dan Leathers and Marjorie McGuirk